Military-themed postcards

Below, a number of military-themed postcards from my personal collection are available.

Title Translation Era Notes
Alerte aux gaz Gas alert Interbellum An FM24 (M29?) and Berthier are visible
Corse Le Bandit Romanetti Corsica: the Romanetti bandit Interbellum A (Mauser?) rifle and MG08/15 are visible
The United Kingdom
The .280 rifle is demonstrated - circa. 1948-1951 The EM-2 .280 and its predecessor the Lee-Enfield Number 4 are shown
Swiss Soldiers with the Lmg 25 - circa. 1925-1944 The Lmg25 is visible, in addition to a good look at the Swiss helmets and cartridge pouches
Infanterie - Gebirgsjäger: Ein Scharfschütze der Gebirgsjäger sichert das Vorgehen der Kameraden A sharpshooter of the mountain troops secures the advance of his comrades. circa. 1941-1945 A very clear view of a German marksman with his ZF41-equipped K98k
Ein Deutscher Spähtrupp stösst über Brücktrümmer weiter vor, sie konnten durch Hindernisse nicht aufgehalten werden. A German reconnaissance patrol advances past a destroyed bridge, even obstacles cannot stop them. 7-6-1940 German troops with the characteristic early-war gas sheet pouches are visible carrying stick grenades and K98ks
The Netherlands
Landingsoefening van Commandotroepen Landing exercise of the Commandotroepen Circa 1963 The image displays the British weaponry used by Dutch troops post-war
Waarnemingsgroep Observation Group circa. 1950s-60s Shown are three men armed with M1 Carbines