Les Armées du Pacte de Varsovie - Organisation - Tactique et Doctrine, March 1980

As previously discussed here, it was not uncommon during the Cold War for nations to produce manuals concerning the opposing force, be it NATO or Warsaw Pact.
In this post a Belgian document discussing the Warsaw Pact armies is presented. Although the entire document makes for interesting reading, for the sake of brevity, only a small portion of the Belgian (French/Dutch) terminology is translated below, specifically for the squad through the company level as found on pages 2-2 to 2-5.

It should, of course, be noted that this document by no means contains any particularly insightful information as to exactly what the Warsaw Pact militaries looked like, rather, it informs us how the Belgians perceived the Warsaw Pact forces.

The manual can be downloaded here.

The archive of manuals can be found here.

French Dutch English
Page 2-2
Section de Fusiliers Motorisées sur BMP Gemotoriseerde Fusiliersectie op BMP Motorised Rifle Squad/Section mounted in a BMP
Chef sec Sec Comd Squad/Section Leader
Mi Machine Gunner
Fusiliers Riflemen
Tireur ATK ATK Schutter Anti-Tank Gunner
Chef Veh Vtg Comd Vehicle Commander
Canonnier Kanonnier Gunner
Chauffeur Driver
Page 2-3 and 2-4
Peloton de Fusiliers Motorisées sur BMP Gemotoriseerd Fusilierpeloton op BMP Motorised Rifle Platoon mounted in a BMP
Chef Pl Pl Comd Platoon Commander
Tireur Elite Scherpschutter Designated Marksman
Tireur Schutter (Machine) Gunner
Tireur AA AA Schutter AA (MANPAD) Gunner
Page 2-5
Compagnie de Fusiliers Motorisées sur BMP Gemotoriseerde Fusiliercompagnie op BMP Motorised Rifle Platoon mounted in a BMP
Comd Cie Cie Comd Company Commander
Offr Adj Executive Officer
SOffr Techn Techn OOffr Technical Non-Commissioned Officer
SOffr Cie Cie Ooffr First Sergeant
Radio Radio Operator