The AMX 30, AMX 32, and AMX 10 series of vehicles

As a follow up to last November's post, we once again return to the AMX 10 series of vehicles, in addition to the AMX 30 (including recovery and 155mm self-propelled howitzer variants), and its evolution, the AMX 32. Note that the last vehicle has also been discussed here.

Of particular note is the AMX 30 technical manual (MAT 4021: Guide technique pour le char moyen de combat AMX 30) dated 1969, found here. We'll let the documents and high-quality images speak for themselves.

General characteristics
The «high-firing rate» 155 mm self-propelled gun is mounted on an AMX 30 chassis assembly and designed to provide continuous indirect-fire of the artillery support for the units of the field forces. Its mobility, even in a nuclear environment, equates that of tanks and its response to any firing instruction is extremely prompt. Its calibre and firing rate make for instant and heavy fire power. Furthermore, both crew and ammunition are at all times under armour protection.
This equipment is currently in the experimental pre-production stage and is intended for the French Army.

Technical characteristics
Crew : 4 men (gun commander, first-class gunner, second-class gunner, driver).
Weight : in travel order : 37 tons
in combat order : 41 tons (of which 25 tons are ammunition).

The only differences with those of the AMX 30 chassis assembly are as follows :
elimination of the chassis-assembly shell rack
provision of a 25 kW generating set and ventilation system for cooling the gun casemate.
chassis assembly lightened by 2 tons.
Likewise, cross-country mobility and performance of this equipment are the same as those of the AMX-30-D. Fording to a depth of 2.20m is possible.

Armament (manned from within the revolving casemate)
1 gun, bore : 155 mm, barrel 40 times the bore, automatic feed
range of hydraulic laying system :-5° to + 66°
maximum range (CCR shell) : 24 km
number of rounds carried : 42
automatic firing rate : 8 rounds/minute.
1 7.62 mm close-defense machine gun
aiming in direction : 360°
aiming for elevation :- 20° to +50°
number of rounds carried : 2000
4 smoke pots
(N.B.:refer to data-sheet 155 GCT for further information)
Protection (personnel, equipment and ammunition)
Armour-plate against armour-piercing shot from infantry weapons. Heat-absorbing lagging.
NBC : filtering and pressurizing of the combat comportment atmosphere.
1 radio-set, type TRVP 11 or 12
1 intercom system
1 telephone set for external communications
1 standby-watch listening-in loudspeaker.

General characteristics
The salient features of the AMX-30 tank - cruiser tank of the French and several other Armies - are its fire power, high mobility, a squat and streamlined outline conducive io its protection.

Its main weapon, using non-rotating hollow-charge ammunition in conjunction with a straightforward and efficient fire control imparts to it a high probability of hitting targets and destroying enemy tanks at any range from 0 to 3 000 meters.

This armed vehicle is capable of moving across country in contaminated atmosphere and crossing, submerged, streams down to 4 meters deep.

This well-known equipment is due to be manufactured for many years to come.

Technical characteristics
Crew : 4 men (tank commander, gunner, driver, radio-operator/assistant gunner)
Total weight (in combat order) : 36 tons.

Main weapon : 1 105 mm gun, firing hollow-charge shells with a muzzle velocity of 1000 m/s. and high-explosive shells with a muzzle velocity of 700 m/s. ; number of rounds carried : 50.
Gun-laying range : -8° to + 20° ; firing rate : 8 rounds/min. Secondary armament paired with gun (20° overlaying capacity) : either 12.7 mm machine-gun or 1 20 mm gun.
Auxiliary armament on cupola (manned from within) : 1 7.62 mm machine-gun.
Hydraulically operated 360° turret : (max: speed : 24 °/s)
Panoramic cupola for the tank commander, with contrarotating system.
Self-contained range-finder (magnification : x12) (tank commander).
Gunsight (magnification : x10) (gunner).

Power unit, type : HS-110, multifuel, rating : 700 HP.
Centrifugal automatic clutch.
5-ratio gear box and reverse.
Continuous turning-radio steering through epicyclic differential.
Top speed : 65 km/hr.
Highway cruising radius (DIN standard 70.030) : 650 km.
Endurance in the course of a battle : 16 hours.
Ground pressure : 0.77 bar.
Maximum grade ascending ability : 60 %
Fording ability (with schnorckel) : 4m.
Fording ability (without schnorckel) : 2m.
Spanning ability of free-edge ditches : 2.90 m.

Conventional steel armour.
NBC: provision of filtering and pressurizing equipment for the atmosphere of the fighting compartment.

Signal equipment
Transmission : 1 to 3 radio-sets (TRVP 13 and 113)
Intercom system and external telephone set.

Night driving and firing
Infra-red and light intensification.

General characteristics
This tank is derived directly from the AMX-30 tank and was specifically designed to support the latter.

Its purpose is to roughly clear the ground (more particularly removal of obstacles) and carry out all the lifting, hauling and towing operations that cruiser tanks require owing to circumstances arising from the fighting or the terrain and also 2nd and 3rd echelon repairs. Equipped with a crane it can, not only remove the turret of the AMX-30 tank but also substitute a power unit which incidentally can be carried on the rear deck of the tank.

Like the AMX-30 tank it can cross contaminated areas and span, submerged, streams 4 metres deep (with schnorckel).

Technical characteristics
Crew : 4 men (tank commander, driver/radio operator, 2 gunners).
Total weight in combat order, without spare power unit : 36 tons.
Total weight in combat order, with spare power unit : 40 tons.

Save for adjustments, the power unit, cooling system, clutch, gear box, suspension and undercarriage are the same as those of the AMX- 30 tank.

Performance is likewise the same except that the speed is restricted to 60 km/hr.

1 7.62 machine-gun in 360° cupola
Specific equipment Hydraulically-powered front spade
Hydraulically-operated torque-converter-winch :
Rating : 350kN
Winding-in speed : 0 to 20 m/min.
Length of wire rope : 90 meters
Hydraulically-operated auxiliary winch :
Rating : 30kKN
Length of wire rope : 120 m
Hydraulically-operated crane :
Total rotational angle : 240°
Maximum load : 4 to 15 tons
(depending on working conditions)
Winding speed of wire rope : 0.32 m/s
Maximum range of lift : 4,50 m

Other equipement
- Radio-set (TRVP 213), intercom system and external telephone.
- Night-driving : light intensification equipment.

General characteristics
The AMX 10 P is an armoured fighting vehicle designed for manoeuvre and support of motorized infantry.

Well-armoured and powerfully armed with guns it is as mobile as the AMX 30 tank which it may always accompany even for crossing streams since it is inherently amphibian and designed for operating in NBC environments.

Being equipped with a fully up-to-date night-vision equipment it readily performs night assignments.

Carrying a combat groups which can get off, its permanent crew and armament provide the fire support needed as the combat group advances. Armament and its ancillaries are particularly well suited to anti-aircraft defence.
The AMX 10P, leader of the new «AMX 10» range, is currently in batch production for the French Field Forces.

Technical characteristics
Crew: 11 men of which:
— 1 9-man combat group with their weapons and equipment.
— 1permanent crew : driver and gunner.
Weight : in travel order + 11.3 tons
Weight : in combat order : 13.8 tons

Diesel power unit, type HS 115, rating: 280 HP at 3000 rev/min.
Preselective gear box with hydraulic torque converter;
4 forward ratios and reverse.
Differential system providing skid steering.
Metal tracks with rubber track-shoes designed for propulsion in water and on soft ground.
Highly flexible suspension.
Propulsion in water : hydrojets (optional).
Highway top speed : 65 km/hr.
Cross-country average speed : 30 to 40 km/hr.
Top speed in water: (with both track and hydrojets 2.20 m/s.)
Self-sufficiency : 600 km or 24 hours of combat.
Slope-climbing ability : maximum gradient 60 %
spanning of ditchs : 1.60 m
obstacle-clearing ability wall 0.70 m high.

Armement (manned from within the 360° 2-man revolving turret)
1 20 mm gun, firing either armour-piercing or high explosive ammuni- tion (number of rounds carried : 800).
1 7.62 machine-gun paired with the 20 mm gun (number of rounds carried : 2000).
Electrical aiming of the 360° turret (rate : 50°/s); for elevation from — 8° to + 50°.
4 smoke pots.
The two-man turret, may be replaced by a one-man type T 20-13, with the same manually-aimed armament, or else by a cupola comprising 1 or 2 7.62 mm machine guns likewise manually aimed.

Daylight telescopes for gunner and tank commander. Intensification light telescope (optional) for the gunner.
Daylight and intensification light episcopes for the driver.
Episcopes for the personnel carried.
— armour against heavy machine guns;
— NBC: air-filtering and -pressurizing of the cockpit (optional)

Radio equipment
— 2 FM radio sets, short or medium range (TRVP 13 and 213, respectively)
— intercom system (for driver, tank commander, gunner and rear passenger)

General characteristics
The AMX-10-PC was designed for the Commanding Officers of armoured or motorized regiments and Captains thereof.
The only differences between it and the combat tank AMX 10 P are the inner layout, radio equipment and provision of a generating set.
The AMX 10 PC therefore provides the following facilities :
- radio-communication with all echelons ;
survey of the terrain ;
- map-reading in a bullet-proof shelter under reasonably comfortable conditions.
It is currently in batch production for the French Army.

Technical characteristics
Crew : 6 men (2 officers, 1 non-commisioned officer, 2 radio-operators, 1 driver).
Total weight in fighting trim : 13.2 tons.

Mobility } Same as AMX 10 P
Special equipment
- 4 seats and 1 worktable ;
- generating set fastened outside rear of the tank and available either in that position or 15 m away by means of a connecting cable ;
- openable side lean-to for working outside ;
- rear lean-to which may be connected to the rear of another AMX 10 PC for linking two PC tanks together.

Radio facilities
Depending on military requirements and type of cupola, the radio equipment may include up to the following :
- 1 FM short-range radio set (TRVP 11)
- 3 FM radio sets, short or medium range (TRVP 13 and 213, res- pectively) ;
(one of these sets may be replaced by an AM single-side- band set ;
- intercom system (driver, officers, NCO, radio operators).

General characteristics
To provide close-fire support for AMX-30 and AMX-10 P armoured regiments armoured vehicles as mobile and capable of operating in NBC environments were needed.

The AMX-10-TM is the simplest answer that could be found to meet this requirement. In fact, the AMX-10 TM is an altered AMX-10 (one-man cupola and inner layout) which tows the 120 mm THOMSON-HOUSTON - HOTCHKISS-BRANDT MO - 120 - RT - 61 rifled-bore mortar and carries the gun crew and ammunition.

The only difference between this altered AMX-10 and the AMX-10 P relates to the inner layout.

This vehicle is now being produced for export.

Crew : 6 men, i.e., 1 driver and gun crew (gun commander, first class gunner, artificier, second-class gunner, ammunition server).

Mobility } Same as AMX 10 P
— One-man cupola, type T 20-13, equipped with :
— 1 gun 20 mm with dual feeding system for either armour-piercing or high-explosive ammunition, (number of rounds carried : 576) :
— 1 machine gun 7.62 mm (number of rounds carried : 8000) hand-laying sights (360° in direction, — 8° to + 50° for elevation),
— cupola equipped with 1 or 2 7.62 mm machine guns with hand- laying sights.
Special equimpent and provisions
The gun commander's station is in the cupola.
The 4 gun crew members are posted at the centre of the vehicle. The 120 mm ammunition racks are located at the rear, on both sides of an axial corridor.
Sixty 120 projectiles are carried by the vehicle.
The large horizontally hinged rear door of the AMX 10 enables rapid loading and unloading of ammunition.

Radio equipment
1 FM radio-set either short or medium range (type TRVP 13 or 213, respectively)
intercom system, interconnecting gun commander, driver and rear passenger