The Energa Rifle Grenade Model 48

Today’s article is a brief discussion of the MECAR Energa rifle grenade, as examined in early 1949 by the Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger (KNIL).
Already employing the British Cup Discharger and American Grenade Projector on the Lee-Enfield rifle, the KNIL expressed an interest in the Energa Model 1948. The 12th of March 1949, it would receive the following offer from MECAR through its representative, the Nederlandse Technische Handelsmaatschappij “ENTEHA”:

100.000 Energa Model 1948 grenades, HEAT, complete with special fuse, functioning at great impact angles

665 Belgian Francs each
66.500.000 Belgian Francs

10.000 Launchers suited to the Dutch rifle, with a two-position sight and leather carrying case

1.000 Belgian Francs each
10.000.000 Belgian Francs

5.000 metal containers for the transport of two grenades

210 Belgian Francs each
1.050.000 Belgian Francs

50.000 practice grenades, reusable, with a spare tail assembly

320 Belgian Francs each
16.000.000 Belgian Francs
Total price 93.550.000 Belgian Francs

Whilst the Energa would not be adopted in 1949, the rifle grenade would have more success in 1952, being adopted as the Geweergranaat ATB Nr.4, serving until 1964 when replaced by the M72 LAW.
The Energa would continue use with territorial units after this date, and not be completely removed from service until 1990.

Below, the reader will find a brochure by MECAR and a copy of Voorschrift nr 1541 Geweergranaten ATB nr 4 en ATB nr 5. Both documents are available as PDFs here and here. It should be noted that the 1953 Dutch manual distinguishes between 1948/1949 and 1951-produced rifle grenades, the former having eight stabilising fins, the latter only six. Specifications found in both documents are as follows:

Energa Brochure, ca. 1948/1949 Voorschrift nr. 1541, 1953
Calibre 75 mm
Length - 39.5 cm
Weight, complete 600 gr 650 gr
Weight, explosive charge 300 gr 345 gr
Penetration, armour, approx. 200 mm 250 mm
Penetration, concrete, approx. 500 mm 500 mm
Penetration, armour, 45°, approx. 100mm+ 170 mm
Muzzle velocity - 54 m/s
Effective range 75 m 100 m
Maximum range (fired at 45°) 260 m

Energa Brochure, ca. 1948/1949

Voorschrift nr 1541 Geweergranaten ATB nr 4 en ATB nr 5, 1953

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