The .280 rifle is demonstrated

This press photo dated circa 1948-1951 (the period during which the rifle was tested) shows the EM-2 assault rifle.
Though the rifle was innovative with its layout, optic, and cartridge, it ultimately did not entered mass-production.

The back of the photo reads as follows:

"The .280 rifle is demonstated
The new .280 service rifle (foreground) is held by Corporal E. Unsworth of Bedford at a demonstration at the School of Infantry at Warminster on the edge of the Salisbury Plain, today, August 10. New small arms weapons were viewed by M.P.S and high-ranking British and overseas officers. Behind is the present service rifle, the number four Lee Enfield. Chief differences between the two weapons are higher rate of fire in the .280 which is lighter and shorter than the older rifle."

Forgotten Weapons has more information on the weapon, whilst a manual concerning the EM-2 can be found here.

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