AC-58, 1987

The Grenade à Fusil antichar de 58 mm avec piège à balle modèle F1 is a French antitank rifle grenade designed in the late 70s, to be fired from the FAMAS F1 by using a standard ball cartridge. Equipped with a bullet trap, this may be balle O (Ordinaire, ball) or T (Traçeuse, tracer), US M193 or FN SS92.

The technical specifications are as such:

Grenade weight 537 grammes
Length 39 centimetres
Explosive weight (RDX-TNT) 145 grammes
Effective range 75 metres
Zenith (fired at 75 m) 2 metres
Maximum range (fired at an angle of 45 degrees) 319 metres
Flight time (fired at 75 m) 1.3 seconds
Spread (weapon in a mount, fired at 75 m) Less than 1.3 metres height plus width
250 millimetres of steel at 0 degrees
130 millimetres of steel at 60 degrees
1 metre of concrecte at 0 degrees

The AC-58 also served as the basis for the Luchaire WASP 58 mm, a disposable single-shot antitank weapon.
Information is particularly scarce on this system: though Wikipedia claims it had several users, none of this is all too credibly sourced.

An undated advertisement for the WASP 58

The manual can be downloaded here.

The archive of manuals can be found here.