DIPT-9 night sight equipment, 1978-1980

The équipement à intensification de lumière D.I.P.T. 9 set is composed of a lunette de tir de nuit OB 25 scope, lens cover, two spare nickel-cadmium batteries, three mounting brackets for the FR F-1, AA-52, and LRAC 89mm respectively, two spare lamps, and a screwdriver. For carrying in the field and transport, a pouch and case are available. The pouch itself carries the OB-25 scope, lens cover, and the two spare batteries.

The OB 25 scope mounted to the FR F1 rifle

Weighing in at 3.8 kilogrammes, the sight represents a significant weight and size reduction over earlier generations of active night sights comprising an IR light source, battery, and scope.
The technical specifications are given below, noting that there is a small discrepancy between the DIPT-9 and DIPT-9C sets:
Length 485.5mm
Weight of the scope 3.8kg
Weight of the scope plus pouch 5kg
Weight of the transport case 4.5kg
Magnification 3.5×
Field of View 9 degrees
Focus range 10m to infinity
Ocular adjustment -4 to +1.5 dioptres -5 to +2 dioptres
Sight adjustment, elevation and windage -5 to +5 mils in steps of 0.3 mils
Battery 6 volts
Battery life 12 hours

Scale of issue for the DIPT-9 set would seem to be exceptionally limited, with only one set issued to an infantry platoon as per the 1972 and 1979 manuals. This single set is issued to one of the two LRAC teams in the platoon headquarters. There is of course the distinct possibility more sets are kept at the company-level or higher.

The 1978 manual can be downloaded here, with the 1980 manual is found here.

The archive of manuals can be found here.