Eurosatory Trade Show Documents

Having recently acquired a number of armoured vehicle trade show documents - the bulk of which originate from the French Eurosatory trade show - this page serves to display them.
The page will be regularly updated.

Title Date Notes Download
AMX 32 June 1983 Link
AMX 40 May 1983 Link
Fennek Reconnaissance Vehicle June 2002 Link
Upgrading the AMX-10RC: Medium Armoured Vehicle for Deployed Forces June 2006 Link
PzH2000 May 2000 Link
Ulan June 2003 Dutch language: H.A. Muller sticker suggests the document was part of the Steyr offering to replace the YPR-765, which ultimately lead to the adoption of the CV9035NL
Also known as the Pizarro
120 mm Compact Tank Gun undated Manufactured by SW Thun (Swiss Ordnance Enterprise Corp), part of RUAG Link
Boxer: The New Generation of Multi-Role Armoured Vehicles 16th of May 1996 Link
United Defense MTVL: Mobile Tactical Vehicle Light undated Link