The US Army through East German eyes, 1956

Schützengruppe und Schützenzug der USA-Armee im Angriff, 1956

In the following post, we will take a look at an East German manual concerning the US Army's rifle squad and rifle platoon.

This document, titled Schützengruppe und Schützenzug der USA-Armee im Angriff was published by the Verlag des Ministeriums für Nationale Verteidigung in 1956.

Its purpose is to "Inform the platoon and squad leaders of the Nationale Volksarmee how the rifle platoon and squad of the US Army conducts itself during the offence, and with which weapons it is equipped."

Explicitly referencing FM 7-10, the manual lays out a structure similar to T/O&E 7-17N with changes through 13 April 1953. (US Army Forces in the Korean War 1950-53; p.27; Donald W Boose, Jr)

Below, the manual is presented in full. Alternatively, it can be downloaded here.